A 20M Transceiver by Jim Kortge, K8IQY.

The 2N2 series of rigs needs no introduction to QRPers, it is one of the best known QRP transceivers. The design effort began in 1997 as an entry into a Norcal sponsored design contest. Jim named it the 2N2/40. 2N2 because of using all 2N2222 transistors and of course 40 for for being a 40M rig. The design won the contest, which was judged at FDIM in May of 1998. Pse scroll down for the "Rest Of The Story" (thanks Paul)

Here's some early history from the K8IQY website:
"In the fall of 1997, the Northern California QRP Club (NorCal) sponsored a contest. The contest objective was to design and build a functional amateur radio transceiver, using a maximum of 22, 2N2222 type transistors. The judging of the entries was part of the FDIM QRP forum held in May, in conjunction with the 1998 Dayton Hamvention. Numerous, good designs were entered into the contest. I was fortunate to have won first place with my 2 watt, 40 meter CW transceiver." Here is a link to K8IQY's original 2N2/40 Web page On this page there are many links to much information on the original rig. It's a great read.

Many,if not most, of the Manhattan rigs were built on the Enhanced Manhattan© artwork of Larry Przyborowski, K3PEG. If you're not familiar with Larry's work, allow me to introduce you. Larry is a fine artist and creates amazing Manhattan Layouts using graphics programs and custom made images of components. Please check here for some examples of Larry's creations, including the 2N2/40 artwork. He also graciously provided the pad layouts for Four State's Enhanced Manhattan Islander Audio Amp kit, also designed by K8IQY. Peruse the pictures here. Use your mouse's scroll wheel and the keyboard control key to enlarge the pictures, you can't help but be impressed. Especially review the awesome assembly instructions Larry created for the kit. Thank you again Larry.

Now fast forward to 2009 and the new 2N2/XX series of kits offered by Norcal.

In 2009 NorCal produced 40M, 30M, and 20M kits using a Printed Circuit Board. These were based on the original concept, but refined by Jim based on the years of his 2N2 experience. The result is even better performace and in an excellent and modern kit. This is not a trivial build, there are 300 parts packed together on a 4" x 5" PC board. The finished product is well worth the effort however. When done you'll experience a world class QRP rig. Read WA6MER's nicely written review of the new kit here.

Here is the list of Features and Specifications from the Norcal web site.

All discrete component, through-hole design, except mixers.
Analog through-out; very low noise.
100 KHz band coverage (50 KHz on 30-meters).
10-turn potentiometer for tuning ease.
500 Hz, 6-pole, non-ringing crystal filter.
"Thumpless" QSK keying.
Receiver Incremental Tuning (RIT).
5-watt output on all bands.

Sensitivity (MDS): better than -120 dBm (-128 dBm on 20 meters, typical).
Opposite Sideband Rejection: > 80 dB.
IF Rejection: > 50 dB.
Image Rejection: > 70 dB.
Intermodulation Dynamic Range (IMDR): > 90 dB.
Input 3rd Order Intercept (IP3): > 8 dB.
Blocking Dynamic Range (BDR): > 105 dB.
Receive current ~ 180 milliamperes.
Transmit current ~ 800 milliamperes (5-watts output).

Unfortunately the Norcal kits are no longer available, and one is only rarely seen for sale. If you would like to try find one, your best chance is to ask on the 2N2XX yahoo group and also on the various QRP reflectors.

29 Dec 2012
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