Ten Tec 580 Delta s/n 580-00981

This combo is my "nostalgia" station. I purchased this Tentec 580 Delta in 1980, and the Vibroplex Vibrokeyer was a Christmas 1969 present from my parents. They have seen several thousand QSO's together. I had to rebuild the rig's PTO, as it froze up after nearly a decade neglect.The rig is rock solid and has that great Ten Tec audio.

The Vibrokeyer is a single lever paddle, is still very adequate, and I enjoy using it. Notice that the finger pieces are drooped. This matches the height of the other paddles in the shack, making it easier to move between them.

The keen eyed observer will note that the 580's filter is set in on SB-2. This narrow sideband filter is one section of a four stage audio filter centered on 750 cycles. It has a nice mellow sounding rolloff on either side of center. The CW-2 position switches in all 4 audio filter stages and provides a 150 cycle wide filter at the 6db points. These filter choices make the rig a good CW rig as well as a good SSB rig.

This is the station I turn to when I feel like going back to the "good old days".

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