Begali Simplex Iambic Paddle, sn0652

I had the pleasure of meeting Piero Begali and his lovely daughter Bruna at dayton in 2006, they had a booth at Hara Arena. Piero's keys and paddles are works of art and I was smitten at first sight. His keys and paddles are truly among the very best in the world.

All of his fine mechanizations were wonderful to behold to an old country boy from Iowa. But I liked the looks of the Simplex and it was in my price range. But I resisted that first year. Dumb, I should have bought one right then. In 2006 I did purchase one and have been very happy with it. It has an extremely smooth feel and can be adjusted easily and perfectly. I have emailed the factory a few times and they (Bruna usually) are very responsive to questions.

Piero is a very magnanimous individual who supports QRP generously, and is very pleasant to visit with at FDIM. He annually donates several of his offerings, including his top of the line Sculpture model.

This from the Begali Web site The Simplex is an iambic key with a heavy (1.4 kg or more than 3 pounds) gold or palladium plated base and gold plated components, using long springs for the return force. Like our other keys it is manufactured using NC machinery for absolute precision. Micro-threaded screws are used for all adjustments. The arms are held by 4 ball bearings that are imbedded in the base, and they are made of a light-weight alloy that provides very low moving mass - this allows excellent responsiveness at high speeds even when set for a very light touch. The contacts are 925/000 silver. The key comes with a protective dust cover.

It looks gorgeous and right at home on the desk, and makes a pretty picture from any angle.

Revised 2 Dec 2012
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