Balanced Line Tuner

I've used this little Z-Match tuner for several years. It's the right size and tunes nearly all of my portable antennas on 40M and up It has a built in Tayloe SWR indicator, is easy to tune, and fits in the Go Bag perfectly. I've added the mods for coax feedlines and unbalanced wires. I even tried to hack it for 80M, unsuccessfully, but thats another story.

Mine gets plenty of use as you can tell by the slightly frazzled look around the edge of the label. It's been in active use since I built it in October 2004. It's seen Oshkosh, WI, Phoenix, AZ, Lanesboro MN, Sioux City IA, backyards and county parks. So it can look a little frazzled if it wants to. It was a kit originally sold by the Northern California QRP Club.

This info came from the NORCAL Website.
The BLT is a simple Z-Match tuner that works from 10-40 meters, designed by Charlie Lofgren for NorCal.

Charlie is probably the number one man in the world when it comes to Z-Match Tuners, and he has designed this one especially for NorCal. The tuner tunes balanced feedlines, thus the name "BLT" for Balanced Line Tuner for the mnemonically-challenged among us. Charlie originally designed the tuner to go with the SMK-1 and the NorCal Doublet for 40 meters, but when he delivered his design we found it tuned other bands also. With the NorCal Doublet, it tunes 10 - 40 meters. We rate the tuner at 5 Watts, but it will probably be safe at 10 W.

It comes with the Dan Tayloe N7VE LED SWR indicator built in, and is an absorptive bridge, so you won't fry the finals as you tune. Great design, by a great designer. All parts for the tuner are included, including the case. It uses polyvaricon caps. There is already a mod to convert it to end-fed wire and coax. All you have to do is add one BNC and a SPDT switch, and you can use end fed wires and coax antennas. The connectors included are two 5-Way Binding Posts for the balanced feedline, and a BNC to connect to your rig.

NORCAL has discontinued the BLT but Doug Hendricks of Hendricks QRP Kits has picked it up and is offering it though his web site for $55. Its fine kit with great documentation. Doug has a nice set of free BLT labels designed by Jerry Haigwood, W5JH, shown on his BLT page, they'll dress it up nicely. Or if you like mine, send me an email and I'll send a set out. Labels are the crowning touch to a nice project.

Revised 2 Dec 2012
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