Four State 2012
Big Brutus Portable Ops

This was the 4th year we have gathered at Big Brutus for our annual portable outing. Brutus is located near West Mineral KS, about 20 miles Southwest of Pittsburg, KS. The area is rife with strip mine pits which have filled with water and are prime fishing locations. In fact the existing Kansas record Largemouth Bass came from such a pit in the same county. On July 13, 1985, Big Brutus, a gigantic electric powered coal shovel, was dedicated as a museum and memorial dedicated to the rich coal mining history in Southeast Kansas. Read more about this fascinating giant of the plains at the Big Brutus official web site Being waay out in the Southeast Kansas countryside, the location has a very low man made noise level. Several hundred wide open acres surrounding the shovel, make for an outstanding radio playground. This was our most successful Brutus event to date with 96 total contacts, a link the log is below. However we dont measure success by QSO count alone, the comraderie of like minded individuals is the true measure.

This year's participants included Johnny Matlock ACBQ, John Watkins NEVH and his wife Clover, Tom Sevart N2UHC, Arnie Grubbs KANCR, Mike Nickolaus NFN, Joe Porter WMQY, Ron Potter AG1P, Larry Burchett KCM, Walter Dufrain K5EST and wife Joy NQ5R, Ray Cadmus WPFO, Jeremy Utley, KEMD, and myself.

Rigs used were John's K3, my ATS4, Tom's FB homebrew tribander using SW+ rigs, Johnny's Tribander, and Mike's K2. The antennas ranged from dipoles to random wahrs and inverted L's. On his 27' vert/82 ft inverted L, John, N0EVH ran up a nice total on 20M and 3 160M QSO's,in the daytime!!!

An article will appear in the Fall edition of QRP Quarterly, and I'll add a link to it after the magazine hits the mailboxes. Please check out the links below for more info and picturs of the 2012 Brutus event. It was indeed an outstanding /P outing, and we hope to see more of you out on the plains of SE KS next year.

2012 Big Brutus Log File
2012 Big Brutus pictures   A slide show, 6 minutes long, with great music :o) Windows Media Player required.

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