Cricket 80A

The Cricket is a low cost entry level minimalist CW transceiver for the 80 meter band. It sports a direct conversion receiver, Class E final, and abt 800mw power output, and is a true transceiver featuring QSK, TR/RX offest, and a sidetone. It is great fun to operate, and works well with any 80M CW crystal. Featuring the NM0S etched spiral inductors it is a snap to build, and is one of the Four State QRP Group's most popular kits. Click here to go to the Cricket's web page. So far I've made 25 contacts with mine, and have qualified for the prestigious Cricketeer Award. Click here to go the Cricketeer page. A 30M version will be released at OzarkCon 2018. Dubbed the Cricket 30 (what else? :o), it has been chosen as the Build Session kit. At 30 bucks delivered, the Cricket is a really good buy. Try one, they're great fun.

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