DDS VFO/Signal Generator
a tale of 3 hams.

Waay back in 2013 I was trying to mount an LCD to a bezel and having difficulty. The LCD doesnt fit inside the bezel opening, but rather butts against it, making accurate alignment nearly impossible. Then I remembered that long time friend Dave Rogers, WB4CHK, had shared a techique he uses, so I contacted him. One email led to another and soon we were talking about a DDS VFO pcb that he was developing.
His board adapts the Chinese 9850 daughter board to the Arduino Uno. The Arduino software (I still can't call them "shields") was written by Richard Visokey, AD7C. Dave also created a sub board for a K8IQY designed 18dB DDS amplifier, which is the vertical board in the picture on the right. The amp bumps up the DDS output to just above 3 Vp-p in my version - enough to drive a mixer or a driver in a simple transmitter.
Here's the good part, thanks for reading this far. I asked Dave if he would share the board artwork with me, I planned to etch a board and build the VFO. Of course, Dave being Dave, he said yes but the next thing I know a fully assembled board showed up in the mail - and the amp followed soon after. Talk about a great ham, Dave personifies that term. !!!
So this then is the tale of a 3 ham project:
    AD7C wrote and graciously shared his programming talent with the readers of his his blog.
    WB4CHK illustrated his expertise in project development and shared his considerable building skills.
    and I had the easiest task of developing the enclosure you see in the pictures. Many thanks to Dave and Rich.
Oh! How was the LCD finally attached to the bezel? Some Blue-Tac fixed it in position, and epoxy made sure it would stay put.
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Updated 6 February 2015 WAĜITP,
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