Finger Tapper Iambic

This paddle device is based on an aluminum foil paddle switch which was the brainchild of Ron White, WAMWW.   A logical improvement was using the conductive switch patterns on the pcb from a defunct computer keyboard. After scrounging and cannibalizing a keyboard, a useable finger tapper was born. In this version electrical tape is used for isolation. Tapping the conductive traces bridges the switch contacts on the board just like the normal keyboard key. It works well, although for long qsos the required touch is just a little heavy for my puny digits.

The keyboard paddle, I call it the keyboard tapper, works very well and it makes a nice lightweight paddle for portable ops and Spartan Sprints. It is so compact and light that it's a nearly perfect paddle for backpacking portable operations, if you like finger tappers.

Surprisingly, learning to use it isnt difficult at all. I send dashes with my third finger and dots with my index finger. Just try it. and soon youre well on the way to enjoying a very unique paddle, a 2 finger keyboard! It remains my back up portable paddle and enjoys a home in the portable "go" bag.

Revised 2 Dec 2012
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