Navy Flameproof Straight Key

The Navy Flameproof was, and still is, produced by the J.H. Bunnell Co. They still offer a limited quantity of NOS (New Old Stock) Navy 26003A Flame Proof Bunnell keys.

Flame Proof keys have covered contacts and were used by the military for CW Morse or signal lamps in environments that may have had flammable gases present.

Pleased pay special attention to the base. It was given to me by George Osier, N2JNZ. George has written many magazine articles and columns, and is a well known Amateur. He and I connected in the SKCC group, a very active straight key club. He needed Iowa for his SKCC WAS and I stayed close to the key until we got it done. To show his gratitiude, he sent me this exotic wood key base with a hand rubbed wax finish. The pictures don't do it justice, it's absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much George!

George sent the following information about the wood.

It is from the Chakte Kok, also called Red Heart, (Sickingia salvadorensis) tree, native to Central America. The Color varies from bright red to pink or violet with dark streaks.

The tree is small to medium, reaching up to 65 feet in height with a trunk diameter of 15-20".

The wood and bark will produce a red dye. This wood is so unique it is difficult to make a comparison. The vivid red color will darken when oil or lacquer finish is applied, or oxidizes to a golden tan if left unfinished.

It looks gorgeous and right at home on the desk..

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