W8DIZ Frequency Counter V.2

This Counter is version 2 of the counter that is written up on this page

The major differences between this version and the original are that the firmware has been upgraded to display 1Hz resolution, and a two line LCD. The first line of the LCD can be programmed to display your call sign, see picture at right. Nice touch Diz, thank you.

My version is set up as a standalone outboard display for my QRP rigs that don't have one A few wraps of wire around the SWR Meter/dummy load provide plenty of RF pickup to drive the counter and provide a solid display.

The enclosure I used is a Ten-Tec TP19C. It's the perfect size for this project and a free label is offered to anyone who would like one. Go here and print it out on card stock, colored printer paper, or on the back of a QSL card. Label application tips can be found on this page.

Visit this page on Kitsand parts.com for the documentation on this nice frequency counter.

...WAĜITP 6November2013
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