Function Key Labels

Many years ago I had a Commodore 64 computer and enjoyed it a lot. There were many programs for it, and C64 Basic was easy easy and fun language to learn. For a 64K Ram machine it was amazing what could be accomplished with it. I coded several useful (to me) ham radio utilites and accessory programs, from cw keyers and decoders to various calculators. At that time many commercial programs came with keyboard overlays which facilcitated entering commands.

Fast forward abt 35 years and I found myself "programming" the keyboard function keys in ACLog. I missed the functionality of having a keyboard overlay that identified what action a specific function key performed, so I developed one. Nothing fancy here, just some tedious activity placing the lines correctly

The top picture on the right is of generic labels that will print out at the correct size for your keyboard. Click for the larger image, set your pdf printing screen to "no scaling", and print. Make notes on them as reminders. The other picture is the overlay I use with ACLog for an example, and it's not to scale. Feel free to print out the pdf and use it as you see fit. I hope that they will help make your keyboarding efforts easier.

Created 8 May 2014
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