Fun-Tak aka Blue Stuff

It is often neccessary to hold parts and sub-assemblies firmly and accurately in position before soldering or gluing. Using the soft blue substance known as Fun-Tak is an excellent way to accomplish that postioning. The putty like substance has enough tack that it adheres well to most surfaces and yet is easily removed. It is a LOCTITEŽ product and is sold by most hardware stores and large chains. I buy mine at a large store whose name begins with a W. Below are pictures that detail several methods of use. It's very easy to employ, so give it a try if your next project needs a third hand. Do whatever it takes to stabilize the part, this stuff is great. DucoŽ has a similar product called Stik-Tak.

Click image to enlarge.
Small ball to position SMD ICs.

SMD IC in place ready for Soldering.

Positioning amplifier board while epoxy
cures. Boards by Dave Rogers, WB4CHK.

Removes easily, i.e. roll it off.
PC Boards by Dave Rogers, WB4CHK.

Near Isometric view of project thus far.
DDS Boards by Dave Rogers, WB4CHK.

Fun-Tak package as seen in store.
Click to see upright picture.

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