GHD Telegraph Key, Model GM307A

GHD is a well known Japanese key manufacturer of high quality, both in design and manufacturing. The key on the right is their portable model and measures approximately 2-1/8" wide x 3-1/4 deep and 1-1/4" high It's highly polished levers, components, and clear acrylic protective enclosure speaks clearly to it's high quality.

I've made several QSOs with it and enjoy using it very much. The feel is slightly different than my Bencher and Begali. In the pictures notice that the pivot points are to the rear of the base and the return springs are near the front, with the contacts falling between them. This seems to be an unusual geometry, at least I havent seen it before, and results in a solid feel when the contacts close. Its pleasant to use and is getting a workout in the desk.

The steel base does double duty as a base for the GHD and a Palm Paddle. The Palm resides in the slot on the bottom (when turned over :o)

This paddle, along with a plaque, was presented to me at OzarkCon 2014 as a lifetime achievement award. I was taken completely unaware and have no idea what I said at the mic, I hope it was suitable for the occaision. Many thanks to the Four State QRP Group board of directors, you guys are great! GHD keys and paddles are sold in the US by Morse Express

1 May 2014
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