Lanesboro, MN Portable Ops

Lanesboro, MN is a delightful small town in Southeast Minnesota. It's main claim to fame is as a jumping off place to the Root River Bicycle trail. Beginning in 1997 a large group of friends and spouses met each September to camp in Sylvan Park and ride the trail. This tradition has continued to this day with new members arriving and others dropping out of the group. Here are some links that may be of interest.
Lanesboro information
Root River trail official web site.

I brought a portable rig every year and strung wire or set up a vertical and tried to make contacts, mostly I just listened and called. Very few contacts were made, probably less than a dozen from 1997 to 2005, when I gave up bike riding due to anatomical discomfort. The reason was that Lanesboro lies in a river valley with 100-150 foot limestone cliffs surrounding the campground. Making contacts was a lesson in futulity but the fun is in the trying. Below are a few pictures of the set up I used during the last "expedition".

Rented camper

Incredible Coincidence, the camper was rented in Des Moines, IA.

And yes I did make a Q on 7.050

Across from park entrance.

WAĜITP Entering Whalen.

Trail Bridge over the Root River.

Root River, looking South.


Fall Color


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