M-Cubed Semiconductor Analyzer
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This one of the most useful pieces of test equipment to be found on any well stocked electronics bench. Ranking only behind a good DMM in usefulness in my opionion, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Mike, Mike, and Mike fit one of those into this package some day..

The analyzer is extremely easy to use. Just connect the three test leads, in any order, to the leads of a transistor,and it identifies the collector, base, and emitter, or source, drain, gain, leakage, and much more. Instant part identification, no guessing

M3 Electonix, the manufacturer, summarizes the types of devices it will check:
* Bipolar transistors, with or without protection diode and/or B-E shunt resistor
* Darlington Transistors
* Enhancement Mode MOSFETs
* Depletion Mode MOSFETs
* Junction FETs
* Triacs
* Thyristors
* Diodes/LEDs
* Diode Arrays (dual diodes)
* Unijunction transistors

And for all of these components it will do this:
Automatic pinout identification.
Gain measurement for bipolar transistors
Test current display
Automatic recognition of type for bipolar transistors (Ge or Si)
VBE/IB measurement
Collector leakage current measurement
Detection of Collector/Emitter diode and Base/Emitter shunt resistor
Gate threshold voltage for MOSFETs
Gate threshold, IDSS, and RDSON for JFETs
Low Power Triac and Thyristor identification
Unijunction transistor identification with pinout and RBB/N measurement
Diode leakage current measurement
Diode and Transistor junction leakage current measurement
Internal short detection and resistance measurement
With OP-1 test module, test standard opto-couplers and display Current Transfer Ratio, LED current and forward voltage

It is truly an amazing and useful piece of test gear.
The M-Cubed Electronix web site is here.

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