This project draws together two proven designs, KD1JV's Simple Keyer Chip and Jackson Harbor's Island memory II. Every memory keyer available is far better than I can send myself, and I wanted to put something together that would allow me to load memories with a straight key, while maintaining iambic capability. Filling two Altoids ® tins, this combo does that nicely.

The top tin houses the SKC keyer and the Island Memory, and the lower tin contains the batteries, peizo speakers, and two of the jacks.

A word about supplying the power to the boards. The Tiny11-6PC used in the keyer has a voltage range from 4-5.5 and a sleep mode current of <1 micro amp. The 16F630 memory chip works from 2-5.5 volts and sleeps at about a nano amp(!). So I wired 3 AA's in series and hooked up the keyer chip at 4.5V and the memory chip at 3 volts, by passing the regulators. The regulators weren't installed to in order to avoid their current requirements. Chuck Olson runs the memory at 3 volts, so I did too. I didnt use a power switch since the sleep current is so low, and I'm expecting shelf life from the batteries.

I had built several SKC keyers in the past and liked them. They are a great value as provided by Steve. Doug Hendricks QRP Kits is making a fine little kit availble as a promotional item. This is a high quality kit, with thru hole parts and an epoxy-glass pcb. This from the Hendricks SKC web page "The Simple Keyer Chip Keyer Kit is not available for sale. I make it available as a promotional item for my Company, Hendricks QRP Kits, at various events that I attend in person. It is made possible by Steve Weber, KD1JV and myself. The manual can be downloaded below. Enjoy. 72, Doug, KI6DS and Steve, KD1JV"

The Jackson Harbor Island memory II is designed for straight key input. Chuck Olson, WB9KZY, has accomplised a lot of funtionality in the memory chip. Programming and using the the memories is very straight forward, Hookup is very simple and well illustrated, and the kit is nicely done. Chuck is very responsive to questions about any of his products. It's a fine product for those wanting a separate memory thats not incorporated in an iambic keyer chip. Here's some of the kit's description from the Jackson harbor web page:
straight key memory, works with bug, keyer or key
attempts to capture the unique timing of an operator's fist
variable sidetone frequency
works as code practice oscillator
8 memories in two banks of 4
4 momentary switches built in, no wiring needed

I'm looking forward to using this keyer for SKCC events, and saving a little wear and tear on the old fist, which needs all the help it can get..

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