OARC-80 Transmitter

This is a fun little QRP transmitter that was developed for a club project in 2005. The pictures at right are clickable for larger images.

I had wanted to try an oscillator on a chip, but had heard the Epson chips had phase shift problems. This appears not to be the case with the Seiko in this application, at least the output looks clean.

Several were built during club nights after the business meeting adjourned. It sits on 3686.4 which has been adopted as the Ottumwa Amateur Radio Club HF watering hole.

Tim Stabler, WB9NLZ, mentioned the design and club activity in his QRP Clubhouse column in the Summer 2005 issue of QRP Quarterly. Thank you Tim.

The rig uses a 2N2222A in the final and puts out 1 to 1.5 watts. Bob Coulter(SK) W0DGZ won my "John Wayne Award" for producing one that was "bigger than life" at about 1.8 watts.

Below is a link to the picture page. There are many small jpegs, including o'scope waveforms and close up views of the internal parts. WAMWW's and WDGZ's nicely built rigs are included also.

Click here to go to the OARC-80 Photo Page.

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