Printed Circuit Board Paddle

I'd like to be able to date the day we built these paddles, but just can't come up with it. I think it was way back in 2004 or so that Steve, NSM, and I met Ron, WAMWW, in his workshop. Ron had designed a pcb paddle, and needing a spare, we jumped at the chance to build one. Ron's nice little Grizzly shear made short work of making the component parts out of large pieces of copper clad.

I had brought a 100 watt soldering gun along and we needed every watt. Soldering the upright pieces and gussetts is a bit like acetelyne welding, Get it hot, push in the solder, and keep it moving. Notice the gussetts on the contact posts. They were neccessary to prevent breaking the contact posts, which had no support in that direction. The paddle has a surprisingly good feel, with the necked down portion of the lever acting as the return spring. The return force can be adjusted by adjusting the width of that section of the lever.

All in all this makes a pretty good backup, portable, or lightweight paddle to use in the Spartan Sprints.

Revised 2 Dec 2012
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