Why I Like QRP

QRP has rejuvinated my interest in Ham Radio. I've always enjoyed the building process but early in my career, most kits and projects seemed large and intimidating. QRP projects on the other hand are smaller and, well, more friendly. Kits like the innovate KD1JV products, SWxx+ transceivers, Rock Mites, and many test equipment kits appear reachable, are readily accomplished.

Myt favorite kit has been the AT Sprint III. It was my third SMD kit, the first being KD1JV's audio filter, and the second was Steve's AT Sprint II. The reason the ATS3 was my favorite so far is that I felt confident with SMD' by the time I tackled it, and I accomplished stuffing it in and Altoids tin, hi. I learned a lot in that process! With an improvement in label making skill, the ATS3 turned out pretty well, I think.. Check it out on my RIGS page...

I'd be remiss if I didnt mention on of the best reasons to be involved in the QRP movement. QRP HAMS ARE FRIENDLY, CONSIDERATE, AND HELPFUL! This is at the core of the hobby for me. QRPrs welcome other hams to their niche in the hobby. For proof, attend the OzarkCon Conference in Joplin, MO, hosted by the Four States QRP Group. Look me up, I'll be there...

Portable Operating

The essence of QRP for me is portable ops. These small rigs make making outdoor contacts a joy, other than Winter, that is. Some of my most enjoyable contacts have come while operating from a SW Colorado cabin. a condo in Phoenix, and picnic table portable. My very favorite portble ops come annually at teh Experimental Aircraft Association's Airventure airshow and convention in OshKosh, WI. The ATS3, BLT, AZ ScQRPion's mini paddle, and a hunka wire make for some really memorable contacts from the tent, camper, or truck. Also theres lots of chatter on 52 in the campground in the eveing and many eyeball qsos... Daggone, that's FUN, and thats what the hobbies all about!!!

QRP Organizations

Four States QRP Group
I consider this group my home QRP club
Four States QRP Group

OzarkCon QRP Conference
This conference is very well done. It is held in Joplin, MO
each April. Once you attend, you'll return year after year.

QRP Amateur Radio Club International
The QRP ARCI club was organized in 1961. It is the Grandaddy of all
QRP organizations. My Membership Number is 11495. They publish the very fine
QRP Quarterly magazine with featuring some of the top QRP authors in each issue.
QRP Amateur Radio Club Internationsl

The G-QRP club was formed by Rev. George Dobbs G3RJV in 1974
to cater for those interested in low power communications.
They publish the respected quarterly magazine SPRAT which is
an acronym for Small Powered Radio Amateur Transmissions.
G-QRP Club>

American QRP club, AMQRP
They publish the quarterly magazine Homebrewer, a very nice magazine on a CD-ROM
American QRP Club>

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