Signal Electric Spark Key
In Memory of Bob Mason WDIA, SK

This key belonged to long time Ottumwa and Bloomfield, IA resident Bob Mason, WDIA. Not only was Bob a great CW op and a very well known ham in the area, he was also a fine person..

He taught electronics at the local community college for many years, and had a reputation of being an excellent instructor. I can attest to that reputation. When I arrived in town in 1974, the local ham club was in it's heyday. Monthly meetings were held at the college and Bob invariably provided the program. He taught "us young guys" much about RF, and Ohm's law, and he made it seem easy. Thats more than a knack, that's brilliance.

Back to the key. I dont know it's vintage, but it must be many decades old. Bob mounted it on an old clothes iron base for plenty of weight It has a nice feel and was the first key I grabbed for a quick straight key contact, before the Flameproof came along. It does need some restoration and I intend to get started on that soon. I'll just clean it up and reinstall it on the iron base so as to preserve it's heritage. Any restoration tips would be appreciated.

I think of Bob when I use it as I know he used it often.

Revised 2 Dec 2012
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