K8IQY SS-40 Transceiver

This transceiver is unique in that it began life as K8IQY's high performance 40M receiver. Jim decided to develop an add-on transmitter board which would interface with the receiver and would use the receivers' VXO and mute circuit for true transceiving. The result is a very nice transceiver with a high level of performance.

The receiver has been updated to easily connect to the transmitter board thru header pins. I had the older SS-40 version and soldered directly to it, per Jim's instructions. SS stands for "Stable and Sensitive", and it lives up that name. It also exibits a very low noise floor and a really excellent 500 cycle bandpass filter.

The transmitter is designed to be placed on standoffs above the SS-40 board as depicted in the pictures to the right. It can make up 9 watts and uses a hefty, cool running MOSFET as a final. I set mine for 4W, which is plenty and it runs very cool at that level.

My version has a 15 kc tuning range at the top of the 40 meters, and is very stable. I have made 20 QSOs on it so far and called a net with it, and it has performed superbly. It is a nice addition to my stable of rigs.

Created/Revised 4 May 2014
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