Titan Missile Museum, Tucson, AZ 2010

Portable Ops Using The Museum's BIG Discone Antenna

I attended the Ft. Tuthill gathering again this year, and then travelled to Tucson to operate using the Titan Missile Museum's BIG discone antenna. As we did last year, Thomas Keuhl, AC7A, and I met for dinner at his favorite restaurant. The next day I toured the well known Sabino Canyon in the morning and visited the museum in the afternoon. Click here for last year's visit and log.

Tucson is very hot in August and when I arrived at the museum in the afternoon the temperature was 109 deg F !! I operated on 20M for 2 hours with the car idling and the A/C running full blast the whole time. I considered it time and fuel well spent. 20 was in better shape this year. I was quite surprised to have an eyeball with M6CJA who was admiring the discone as I was using it.

It is a real charge to use this big antenna. If you're in Tucson area, drive a few miles south to Sahuarita on Hwy 19 and plug in, you'll be glad you did. Here's this year's log.

2030z        W3BBQ            Bob                     Spotsylvania, VA
2037z        W4FOA           Tony                  Chicamauga, GA
2046z        K4ZLE             Jay                      Lebanon, OH
2053z        WA9KZY          Warren             Richardson, TX
2101z        NĜAZN             Scotty                 Lincoln, NE
2104z        K4ZLE/qrp        Jay                   Lebanon, OH 2nd contact
2105z        M6CJA                Eyeball QSO
2114          K4AXF/QRP    Jim                   Grottoes, VA
2125z        WA5DBU          Nick                   Russellville, AR
2134z        KA8LLE            Ben                   Gnadenhutten, OH
2142z        W7CNL           John                   Boise, ID
2151z        W8KJ               Kevin                   Hamilton, OH
2158z        K4PQW/qrp                                 Baker, FL
2200z        W5VYN           Ron                   Whitesboro, TX
2231z        NĜEVH           John                   Independence, MO
2234z        K5UNY           Alex                   Farmers Branch, TX

15 RF Contacts and one eyeball, two eyeballs actually, including Chuck Penson, WA7ZZE in the museum. .
It was nice to hear so many good QRP friends listening for me, many thanx to all of you. There were more of you out there, but I couldn't quite pull your signals out of the noise. I consistantly received better signal reports than I could give, which makes me think the discone might be a better transmitting antenna than a receiving one.

Portable ops deserve to be commemorated with a special QSl Card, and I'll use this one again this year. It was produced with the K7LS web site tool at www.radioqth.net/qsl.aspx

Scroll down for pictures.


View out the windshield.

Coax with PL-259


Flat on 20 (tuner not used)

The whole station.

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